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Bargaining and Tipping

Bargaining and Tipping

  It is better to pay with small bills when buying from vendors as they often lack sufficient change. 

Bargaining and Tipping

Street markets catering to foreign visitors are often set up in the evenings and usually offer products made by Laos’s ethnic minorities. Luang Prabang’s Night Market, set up along Sisavang Vong Road is quite popular. In Vientiane, similar markets such as Fa Ngum Quay by the river and Talat Sao sell a variety of products from across the country.


There are no fixed prices in Laos, but the biggest margin for bargaining is in goods for sale in local markets and boutiques. Bargaining must be done with a smile and buyers can be prepared to walk away as they are sure to find the same things elsewhere. It is always best to have an idea of an item’s price before bargaining. It is also not worth bargaining for small sums since the kip, when converted, is worth very little.


Tipping is not an essential part of Laos culture. However, like you travel through Indochina countries, tipping behavior is much appreciated. Small tip is a good way of supplementing salaries, especially if a visitor is pleased with the serviced provided. US$1 is considered adequate, although the amount can be larger expected if staying at an expensive hotel.

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